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  • I knew that!
    Tuesday, October 11 2016
    Posted by Rob Newman
    "ha! I always knew we were better people- someone please tell my girlfriend!!! LOL!"

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  • Model Making as a Modern Hobby
    Model Making as a Modern Hobby

    Thursday, October 6 2016

    There's no getting around the fact that the landscape of hobbies and entertainment has shifted over the years. Take, for example, the massive popularity enjoyed by the video gaming industry, which continues to evolve at an impressive clip with...

    Posted by Erik Neilson


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  • Ten Reasons Model Builders are Better People
    Ten Reasons Model Builders are Better People

    Wednesday, August 17 2016

    You love building, creating, refining and collecting models. You likely spend hours with a new kit and after you have completed your newest model, you feel pride in your creation. But did you know your hobby also endows you with a number of...

    Posted by Fiona Tapp


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  • Modern Day Hollywood's Secret Weapon: Scale Models
    Modern Day Hollywood's Secret Weapon:...

    Wednesday, August 17 2016

    The silver screen once featured nothing but black, white, and varying shades of gray.  These early times birthed the iconic image of King Kong battling puppet-like airplanes while clinging to the toothpick model of the Empire State Building. They...

    Posted by Dynasty Dyer


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  • Adventures in Scale Modeling
    Adventures in Scale Modeling

    Wednesday, August 17 2016

    You've heard it before: “scale model builders are geeks, overgrown kids playing with toys, or the kids who sit in the house alone all summer while their friends are out playing”. Actually, people who build model airplanes, model car kits or ship...

    Posted by Tom Serafini


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