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  • I knew that!
    Tuesday, October 11 2016
    Posted by Rob Newman
    "ha! I always knew we were better people- someone please tell my girlfriend!!! LOL!"

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Ten Reasons Model Builders are Better People

Wednesday, August 17 2016


Post by Fiona Tapp


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You love building, creating, refining and collecting models. You likely spend hours with a new kit and after you have completed your newest model, you feel pride in your creation. But did you know your hobby also endows you with a number of benefits that make you a better friend, worker, partner and well, let’s just say it, an all-around better person?

Ten Reasons Model Builders are Better People

Read on to find out why model builders, like you, are so awesome:

You’re patient

Even very simple model kits take several hours to assemble, paint and finish. The type of person who can commit this sort of time to completing a project exhibits determination and a good work ethic, both of which are generally in short supply.

You take breaks

We all live busy wired in lives and sometimes we need to just take a break from it all, some people meditate, some knit- we make models!

You appreciate beauty

Most model builders take great care and pride in the aesthetic features of their model- after all, if it doesn’t look good and like the real thing then what’s the point? An artistic flair and appreciation for beauty is the hallmark of a cultured person.

You care about the small details

Model builders have an eye for every minuscule detail on their recreation, painting tiny details onto planes and boats and attaching fiddly parts shows you have a discerning eye and a methodical manner.

You’re more intelligent

A 2014 study [1] found that those who partake in a “leisure time activity”, otherwise known as a hobby, have more cognitive function than those that don’t- Education isn’t stagnant, we must keep learning in order to improve, model builders understand this as each new kit they purchase tests their skills in a new way, requires new techniques and products and may lead to learning in other related areas, simply put, model building makes you smarter!

You’re part of a community

Although building model kits is traditionally thought of as a solitary activity, with the popularity of the internet a community of like-minded craftsman and builders has emerged, spawning a network of makers who can meet, attend conferences and sales and otherwise communicate about their shared passion.

You’re interested in self-improvement

Any model enthusiast will tell you that their last build was better than their first, each new kit hones the builder’s expertise and teaches new tips and tricks, you have a chance to be reflective and to fine tune your skills, becoming a better builder with every model.

You’re healthier

Research shows [2] those that partake in an enjoyable hobby that they feel passionate about, have lower heart rates, healthier blood pressure levels and increased cardiovascular health.

You’re handy

A skill set in miniature building, painting and finishing often translates over to real world dimensions, and model builders, like you, are known to be handy around the house- always a skill in high demand.

You’re stress-free

Opening up a new model kit, laying out all your tools and setting to work in a quiet spot is almost a meditative experience. Most of us have too much stress in our lives and model building can be a great reliever of toxic stress. However not all stress is bad for us, in fact, scientists describe productive challenge as “eustress” often known as “good stress” as essential to a fulfilling life. Partaking in a challenging pastime-like building model kits, where model makers take the time to work quietly on a goal, lowers negative stress, increases positive stress and makes us happier people.

So the next time someone asks you “why do you make those models?” You can tell them, because:

“My hobby doesn’t just waste some time, my hobby makes me patient, an art lover, a meticulous handyman, part of a community, is great stress relief, makes me healthier, happier and increases my intelligence!”

Now that’s some hobby!

1. Leisure Activity Associated With Cognitive Ability Level, But Not Cognitive Change By Alan J. Gow, Kirsten Avlund, and Erik L. Mortensen

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Comment 1

Comment by Rob Newman


Tuesday, October 11 2016

"ha! I always knew we were better people- someone please tell my girlfriend!!! LOL!"

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