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Weird-Oh's 'Davey' Figure Model Kit



The Lindberg Line's re-issue of the classic 'far out' monster caricature kit in retro packaging. Includes 'Davey' as a Brando-esque biker, with stylized motorbike and sign to be customized any way you like. 

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Kit includes:
Retro model from the 60's
Molded white plastic
Easy to assemble
Made from the original molds

In 1963 Hawk Models released a series of whacky weird caricatures that took the model world by storm.  Now they're back with Lindberg's reissues of these classic kits in the ‘way out’ retro packaging. Davey "The Way Out" Cyclist comes with a wacked-out motorbike, monster and signage that you can build, customize and paint to your heart's desire.  Travel back to the days of beatniks, surfers and dragsters with this great vintage plastic model kit from Lindberg!  Marlon Brando attitude not included…

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