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Airbus A350-900 Airplane Model Kit



Defeating Boeing in both passenger capacity and speed, the Airbus A350-900 heralds the future of air travel. The full-sized aircraft can easily carry 100 tons. This model plane includes a highly-detailed cockpit and a complimentary display stand.

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 Kit includes:

Highly-detailed pieces (cockpit, engine, undercarriage, and lower-fuselage)
- Rotating fans
Intricate navigation lights
Multiple posing options
Detachable antennas
A complimentary display stand

Striving to shape the future of air travel, the Airbus A350-900 offers the best in passenger convenience and comfort. It took to the skies for the first time in 2013 and remains in operation today. Thanks to all its new technology, this Airbus manages to consistently outperform its Boeing competition on both speed and passenger-capacity.  It truly deserves to be called a ‘dreamliner’ (even if it cannot stop crying babies).

The full-sized aircraft clocks in at well-over 115 tons and sports a mind-boggling wingspan; this weight comes after the inclusion of light-weight composites and carbon-finger reinforcements. Reflecting the dozens of innovations present in the real thing, this Revell plastic kit replicates a modern commercial aircraft for today’s builder.  Highly-detailed surfaces include the cockpit, engine, undercarriage, and the model plane’s lower fuselage.  Included in the box are separate navigation lights, multiple posing options, detachable antennae, and a perfectly-fitted black ­­display stand.

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